The Sheep Hunter: Howa 1500

This model is designed for the Howa 1500 rifle. This stock is lightweight and rugged, with excellent handling characteristics and balance. The one and only Bansner Sheep Hunter is the perfect stock for a tough, lightweight build with no compromises on strength.

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We’ve been making the Sheep Hunter for 15 years but, always pushing forward, we decided to build a better one. After over two years of development we are proud to release this, our best Sheep Hunter yet. Equally at home in the high mountains, the deep woods, or the wide open plains, this lightweight workhorse is a compliment to any rifle. At 22 ounces it won’t weigh you down, and its hybrid glass and carbon construction will handle the heavy recoil and hard conditions of the most extreme hunts.

This model is designed for the Howa 1500 rifle.


Some Key Features:

  • Over 50% stronger than our previous models while shaving off ~5% of the weight
  • No cartridge limitations (as long as it’s a shoulder-fired cartridge that is!)
  • High-strength fill for increased rigidity
  • Carbon fiber & fiberglass shell construction
  • High-strength integral pillars and recoil lug seat
  • CNC machined inletting for precise fit
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Stock Installation Services:

We offer two complete installation packages: Signature and Essential.

Our Signature Stock Installation Package includes one of our lightweight, hand-laid fiberglass and carbon fiber stocks, a Pachmayr Decelerator recoil pad installed to your length of pull, and our Signature Bedding which creates a full length stress free and precise metal to stock fit with a free-floating barrel enhancing both accuracy and aesthetics. We then finish the stock with hard-wearing epoxy paint in a tri-color speckle pattern and the metal in your choice of Cerakote to complete the package. This installation package will completely transform your rifle.

Our Essential Stock Installation shares all the same features but differs on the type of bedding. The Essential package replaces the full length Signature bedding with a “spot” style and includes bedding epoxy at both action screws as well as the recoil lug. This ensures enhanced accuracy but lacks the aesthetics of a full length custom fit.


Stock Fit:
Our stocks are designed to accommodate factory and some aftermarket components and you’ll find they fit very precisely in most cases.  With both Gunsmith Fit and Drop-In Ready Stocks variations in models, production runs, and the installation of aftermarket parts can prevent the stocks from achieving the perfect fit out of the box.  While we do our best to ensure an excellent fit across the broadest range of components, we can’t guarantee perfection. For example: you may find that your barrel points more to the left or to the right in the barrel channel. Threads on the action or barrel that wander even slightly can easily cause this and isn’t something we can control. A great solution to this is bedding. As custom gun makers we carefully bed all of our rifles. In order to get the best fit we recommend you do the same (or have us do it!)

Questions about our stocks? Visit our FAQ page for some answers!

25% of cost is due upon ordering. Balance is due when your order is ready to ship. We offer industry discounts. Contact us for more information.



Remington 700 & clones


22 ounces ± .5 oz (unfinished blank)


Fiberglass & Carbon Fiber

Sling Swivels:

GrovTec 10-32 studs front & rear

Barrel Contour:

Accommodates up to and including Douglas #4



Forend Length:

SA: 9" LA: 8.25" (measured from recoil lug)

Drop at Comb:


Drop at Heel:


Width at Recoil Lug:


Width at Forend Tip:


Recoil Pad Size (Pachmayr):



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