Hand-Laid Composite Rifle Stocks

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3 Bansner manufactured gun stocks

World-Class Composite Rifle Stocks


Less Weight. Less Compromise.

  • 22-32 ounces, depending on model and options
  • Hybrid composite, fiberglass, and carbon fiber construction
  • Polyurethane foam cores for minimal weight and high strength
  • No cartridge restrictions

Strength Where it Counts

  • 80% stronger than before
  • Targeted reinforcement of vital areas while cutting weight by 5-10%
  • Greatly increased rigidity
  • Customized stock core weight to fit your specific weight and strength needs

Signature Styling

  • Light weight and high strength means little if the end result has no style
  • Classic and modern line designs

CNC bottom metal inletting

Fiberglass & carbon fiber hybrid construction

Custom length of pull and recoil pad installation

Epoxy Paint Options

Custom colors and combinations available upon request

OD, Latte & Black

OD, Latte, & Black

Cafe, Latte & Black

Cafe, Latte, & Black

Gray, Latte & Black

Gray, Latte, & Black

Latte, Cafe, & Black

Latte, Cafe, & Black

Black & Latte

Black & Latte

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