“Life’s too damn short to carry a rifle with an ugly, heavy stock.”

-Confucius (probably)

“Life’s too short to carry a rifle with an ugly, heavy stock.”
-Confucius (probably)

The Solution:

Bansner & Co. Rifle Stocks

Less Weight Less Compromise

  • Hybrid fiberglass/carbon fiber construction
  • Targeted reinforcement of vital areas while cutting weight by 5-10%
  • Choose light weight or heavy fill to fit your needs

Strength Where it Counts

  • Over 50% stronger than our previous models
  • No cartridge restrictions
  • Greatly increased rigidity

Signature Styling

  • Clean, classic lines for unsurpassed style and comfort
  • No “plastic gun” look or feel

Our stocks come in four main configurations:

Gunsmith Fit

  • We offer our full line of stocks as Gunsmith Fit. They ship un-painted with a durable gel-coat finish that can be easily sanded to apply the finish of your choice.
  • Pachmayr Decelerator Recoil Pads are optional
  • These stocks sometimes require some fitting depending on the model and action/barrel/bottom metal combination as well as your desired aesthetic. The usual areas where fitting may be necessary are the barrel channel (depending on contour), bolt notch (some clones have straight vs. bent handles), ejection port and bottom metal inlet.
  • We recommend bedding your barreled action into the stock. We offer bedding kits and instruction.

Drop-In Ready

  • Available for a selection of our stocks, this configuration is made and inletted to very closely fit your factory rifle’s action, barrel channel and bottom metal.
  • It includes a tough epoxy paint finish, is cut to your length of pull with a Pachmayr Decelerator Recoil Pad installed.
  • While this configuration is not an option for every stock/bbl’d action combo we sell, we’re working on adding more based on your feedback!

Signature Stock Installation

  • Ship your complete barreled action to us and we’ll do the work!
  • This installation is available for our full line of stocks and will completely transform your rifle. It includes one of our lightweight, hand-laid fiberglass and carbon fiber stocks with a Pachmayr Decelerator recoil pad installed to your length of pull.
  • Our Signature Bedding creates a full length stress free and precise metal to stock fit with a free-floating barrel enhancing both accuracy and aesthetics.
  • The stock is finished with a hard-wearing epoxy paint in a tri-color speckle pattern and the metal in your choice of Cerakote.

Essential Stock Installation

  • This installation is only available for our drop-in ready stocks.
  • Our Essential Stock Installation shares the same features but differs on the type of bedding.
  • The Essential package replaces the full length Signature bedding with a “spot” style and includes bedding epoxy at the recoil lug. This ensures enhanced accuracy but lacks the aesthetics of a full length custom fit.